Vibration, Shock & Acceleration Testing

We can provide recommendations to allow your products and equipment to survive random and sinusoidal vibration. The shock (abuse) tolerance of your products can be improved through increasing their ability to store energy. These can often be accomplished inexpensively, and often accompany reductions in part count and manufacturing costs.

Vibration Testing & Analysis

We use a pair of single-axis Thermotron vibration tables with programmable controllers for both random and sinusoidal vibration as well as low chock levels.

We also have portable transducers and signal analyzers to examine your machinery on site.

High Impact Shock Testing

Dynamark has an in-house High Impact Shock machine capable of performing tests per Mil Std-901.  This machine is capable of testing “light weight” equipment up to 550 lb.  It consists of a welded structural steel frame with a 400 lb hammer that swings through a 5 ft radius arc.  The hammer strikes the backside of a mounting plate to which the test equipment is attached.  This is a very energetic test.  The shock impulse generated is very large.   Its purpose is to simulate battle damage aboard US Navy ships and US Army installations and vehicles.    

Acceleration Testing

Our “Cyclatron” rotary acceleration tester is capable of delivering up to 20 g’s to a 20lb test part for aviation, medical, and any product for consumers or industry. A slip ring system provides up to 64 dynamic data channels.


We also have a modified centrifuge capable of 10,000g of steady-state acceleration for small objects.

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